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Concrete Placement & Pumping

Pioneer Pumping proudly upholds a passion for high quality, expertise and experience in concrete placement and pumping. We deliver our clients a high level of workmanship that is demanded for modern first-class construction.

This is delivered with years of experience in all types of construction, vigorous quality control systems and ongoing management of client needs. The flexible teams at Pioneer specialise in efficient and safe concrete placement and pumping for all types of concrete construction.

Sophisticated equipment requires skilled operators and the Pioneer pumps come accompanied by highly trained seasoned operators facilitating the most economic and efficient pumping solutions for any job or site.

Our diverse range of equipment and resources provides the capabilities for innovative and value adding concrete solutions. This is achieved through our collaboration with tier 1, 2 and 3 building companies in the construction of warehouses and high-rise developments through vertical and horizontal concrete pumping.

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Pioneer guarantees delivering comprehensive project services with costs effective solutions from start to finish